Thursday, July 2, 2015

tsw: day 27 fighting fire w water

My boyfriend bought me a set of glasses where the hearts turn red when the drink is cold. It makes drinking water fun.

Today is not a good day.  I had a terrible time trying to fall asleep last night.  I feel flat.   I wish I could be upbeat.  It's my roommate's bday, the weather is perfect and I have no students scheduled for today.  But I don't feel zippy.  I feel zappy experiencing a weird sharp zappy pain shooting across my face.  My face is feeling dry and inflamed, my lips are swollen like I've eaten something I'm allergic to and I'm tired.

I'd stay in bed but I'm forcing myself to keep drinking water.  I go between sitting at my piano bench to the couch in the living room.  I'm within 10 paces of my kitchen for a water refill and another 10 to run to the bathroom.

Yesterday was a better day.  What did I do right?   What did I do to affect this change?  Did I drink too much water?  Drinking water seems to help me with lessening the swelling and redness.  I still manage to feel thirsty even after 8 pints though and my skin is still dry. Tomorrow I will journal everything I eat and drink.

My face hurts today.  It's red and affected below my cheeks and along my jawline.  It's stinging with an electric zappy sort of pain.  I think the nerves in my face are freaking out. It's a tiny bit swollen and feels warm to the touch.  I don't want to put ice on my face nor any sort of emollient.  I'm afraid it will just add to the pain.

Any good news?  My neck doesn't feel like elephant skin.  It feels soft and smooth.  It feels 90% normal.  I can lie down comfortably.  I'm also still breathing free and easy.  No sign of asthma. Despite my bit of misery, I believe I'm getting better.   My friends, family, and my students and their families are so sweet.  I guess the kids know that the ice packs means I'm taking care of a boo boo.  A parent told me to feel free to ask for anything to feel better.  She noticed that I come prepared with ice packs and ibuprofen.

I scheduled a Bax 3000 appointment with my chiropractor for tomorrow.  I'm hoping to feel much clearer before the weekend.


Tuesday, June 30, 2015

tsw: day 23 how I feel depends on the hour ….. literally

N:  "Jnet, your skin looks good this week.  Complexion looks clearer and even."

J:  (nodding in agreement). "Your face looks better than the last time I saw you."

Jnet: "J, you saw me yesterday."

J:  "Was that yesterday?"

This conversation was from Thursday evening, AFTER my Wednesday Bax 3000 treatment with my chiropractor.  It's Friday and I'm en route to San Diego for a wedding.  I'm drinking at least a dozen pints of water in hopes that I can drown out the baddies and wake up with better skin.

My skin is happier but not thrilled.  I'm holding a cold compress or ice pack to my face while my boyfriend drives.  He also patiently gets off the road and looks for a decent place for me to go to the loo.  We've stopped at three times and we've not traveled one hundred miles.

R:  "I'm glad you're drinking a lot of water.  I need to drink more myself."

He always finds something nice to say.

Today I am not red and swollen.  It's a long drive and I can only hope that my skin will behave so that I can enjoy my friend's wedding.


Friday, June 26, 2015

tsw: what is worse getting bit by fire ants or dealing w tsw

I battled fire ants yesterday at my students' house. That was seriously yucky. I rushed home and went straight to the shower.  My skin felt better yesterday before the fire ants and despite them.  I almost felt like a normal person...a normal person that can't wear anything unless it's super soft to the touch. Getting ready for the day is frustrating deciding what to wear that won't hurt. If I feel better tonight, I think I will make a project of taking off the tags. The tags on the collar alone irritate my skin.  I'm wearing my pjs inside out because even the stitching doesn't feel comfortable.

I woke up to a red swollen face that felt like it had an electrical dermis storm going on.  It took a few hours of ice packs and cold compresses to calm it down to a pink.  I'm drinking ginger root steeped in my French press with hopes that I can drown out the baddies.

Its day 20 of not taking any topical steroids for eczema and allergies.  Normally, if I used a topical steroid, the dry irritated areas on my face may calm down to a smaller patch of dryness, maybe not.  I would encounter some breathing trouble at some point and would add breathing in steroids (asthma medicine).  My "allergy flare" would calm down for a couple of weeks and I would repeat after a week or two.

But I was only barely gaining wellness and I was slowly growing less well.  I've become less sociable and have fallen into the habit of disappearing for months thinking that perhaps I needed to slow down (they say eczema is a stress reaction).  Seriously folks, I have made it a lifestyle to be a negativity slayer, working toward taking things in stride, defusing drama and staying away from toxic people and situations.  I think if I was a Buddhist monk, yogi master or nun, I'd still be struggling with flare ups.

Topical steroids have stopped working.  But wait!  Despite the misery of the red face electrifying dermis storm, I'm breathing free and easy.  I'm petting my students' cats and not sneezing at all. That's weird.

It's as if a part of my "life with allergies" has whisked itself off to fairyland.  My asthma buddies are lamenting allergy season and I'm standing alone with no need for inhalers.  Can it be that the asthma/eczema medicines were giving me asthma?

I'm reading up on non steroid ways to handle allergies.  Wow.  There's a whole world out there that I didn't know of.  Himalayan salt.  Who knew?  Google it.  I plan to write on it eventually.

So fire ants or topical steroid withdrawal...which feels worse?  TSW.  It takes a lot more to feel better if you are going through TSW.