Wednesday, July 29, 2015

tsw: day 57 watching the clock


I've run out of benadrly.  I've run out of bananas.  And I'm hoping tomorrow will be a good day for me to run errands.  Today, I woke up to dry, blotchy red skin that was having a paper cut party.  It's a weird and miserable experience that calmed down after a shower and a few ice packs.

I'm doing the NO moisturizer regime.  After I shower, I put nothing on to 'seal the moisture'.  No emollients, lotions, etcetera after I pat myself dry.  After reading several TSW blogs, I noticed there was great debate over whether to moisturize or not.  Moisturizers are seen as crutches that interfere with healing skin learning to be strong.  Many believe that suffering a short period of discomfort will open to a smoother roller coaster ride.  Skin will still be temperamental but less angry.

After last weekend's struggle to be comfortable enough to sleep an hour soundly, I'm keen to not have a repeater.  Pain is stupefying.  Sometimes, I feel like I dare not move.  Today, I wondered why I couldn't cry.  I must be too tired to bother or perhaps a part of me thinks that pain feels even worse if you cry.

You would think that reaching for an ibuprofen and melatonin would be second nature by now.  No, and I don't want reaching for medicine to feel normal.

It's 4am.  It's day 57 of TSW.  My sleep schedule is weirding out.  I'm looking forward to beginning a new day.  I'm trying out a new supplement whose reviews were impressive.  Tomorrow will be a new day to figure out and hack my wellness.  Good morning and goodnight.


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Monday, July 27, 2015

TSW: day 46 i'd wear a veil if I could rock it


I'm looking my worst to date. And the pain is pretty intense. Yesterday, after taking two benadrlys, I was finally sleepy. I had not slept the night before due to the sparky electric like storm on my face. You would think I would just collapse into bed. Nope. The discomfort was so intense, I decided to stand in the shower (for the third time of the yet so young Saturday afternoon). It's the only place I don't feel awful.

My boyfriend called me his Barnacle Belle.  I laughed and it hurt.  Despite feeling like I look like a monster, he did not want to cancel our movie date night. I dressed up cute and wore a hat to hide underneath.  I'd wear a veil if I could rock it but fabrics near my face don't feel nice.

New thing, I'm on antibiotics this week.    Boo!  My face has a different thing going on and the pain has been more intense that I spent most of my time doing pain management than having time to consider eating or sleeping as a possibility.  My body didn't even fit in a hives breakout.  Yay?  And another tiny detail came to mind. Before TSW, whenever my allergies/eczema/asthma would flare up, my eyes used to get super duper incredibly dry.  I needed to use a steroid eye ointment.  Along with being able to breathe better than ever since TSW, my eyes feel happy.  Go figure.

I wish my face would feel happy.  I'm brainstorming for outside the box options. I'm not keen on riding a withdrawal roller coaster.


Friday, July 17, 2015

tsw: day 44 - a week of calm during comic con

My skin was relatively calm while on vacation.  It had some dry spots but the pain was at an all time low. My skin decided to go crazy after vacation ended.

I'm considering going to urgent care at the moment.  New thing: I'm breaking out in hives which last a couple hours and goes away on its on.  My right hand and arm has something going on.  Minor.  I can put lotion on my arm and it doesn't sting.

My face is another story.  I felt the discomfort start brewing Monday night.  Tuesday, my face felt like paper cut central.  Wednesday, I had a small and different rash along my left cheek.  Thursday, I found myself finding comfort by having a constant warm soaking.

I'm up to three showers a day just so my face doesn't hurt. Last week feels like a dream.  I hardly had much concern over my skin. Is it environmental?  Is it LA?

Comic Con was awesome by the way.  I hope to write of it.

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