Sunday, January 7, 2018

fender bender christmas

My pretty 78 beetle got roughed up in a rear end collision, dashing out all plans to parade my nieces and nephews down Candy Cane Lane with the convertible top down during my holiday visit.

I'm still a bit rattled. It takes a lot to un-nerve me. I had been used to people slowing down to check out my car, giving way to my pretty granny classic. I had been accostumed to admiration, I never expected anyone to come at me with any sort of force or impact to hurt my baby. But it happened. After 4 hours of holiday commuting time and less than an hour from my destination, I experienced my first rear-end collision. My car was drivable. Duct tape secured the bumper to the body.

The guy admitted fault. The woman in front of me and her nephew was fine and unaffected in her tank of a truck. With my car taking the brunt of damage, we were all happy to be alive and ok. I now get to dance with his insurance company and learn the process of restoring my car to its former beauty.

AAA towed me back to LA. I arrived safely home. Tomorrow I begin the process of "mission fix the bug."

I like doing new things....this is not one I'm looking forward to.


comic con here I come

I scored comic con passes for the 5th year in row and I managed to do it this year in my sleep.
It takes some pre-planning and coordination. My number one rule is to have a team ready on registration morning. Our team has at least 3 to 8 people from different cities bright-eyed and ready with everyone's ID and special waiting room links. It gets intense waiting but the adrenaline rush upon landing into the waiting room gets celebrated as we text/chat each other. Hands are shaking as you entered ID numbers and continued listening to who's on deck and who's still in the wings. There's a big wooohoo and sigh of relief as each family member and friend gets their pass. And then it's over in less than an hour. That's how fast comic con gets sold out.
Comic con is a family event for us. It's when we have relatives fly in and the long lines and panels become our points to reunite.
I missed pre-reg this year and I forgot to share my details to my family. My heart was feeling a bit sorry for myself. This will be the first year that my boyfriend will not be onboard; he's now a past tense. We are no longer a dynamic duo. So, this year, after missing pre-registration, I gave my info to my sister-in-law for my final chance at passes during general registration.
Thank God, I had my family on the ready because I did not wake up registration morning! 😵😖 I had a late night helping my friend get back to her family. I was knackered but woke up to my family's text that they got my comic con pass. I Venmo'd my brother-in-law and the mission is successfully closed. 🎉
This geek is looking forward to San Diego Comic Con 2018, hanging out with family and getting a new ornament for my tree. ☺️


Friday, August 7, 2015

tsw: day 66 two steps forward one step back


My skin is trying to roar. I had a few really good days where I felt happy in my skin. I thought I was strong enough....

To enjoy some jojoba oil.

Boy, am I glad I wasn't ambitious for lotion and makeup.

I'm keeping my skin at bay staying away from moisturizers (again) and taking immune system building supplements that seem to be helping. I didn't schedule a Bax treatment this week. I thought I was feeling better and could taper off. Blast.

I must note too that I ate some "novel" food that mom brought over. It tasted so good and I was in better spirits thinking I was getting all better. I sat at the piano without pain. My friends dropped by for a visit. I indulged a root beer.

I was feeling better. It was a "better" that had me feeling stunned and happy. I want that again.

Now. If not now... Tomorrow?

Hello universe. Do you hear me? I loved that feeling...of feeling happy in my skin. 

Two steps forward, one step back.